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Team HHH on our last day at the office on 4th Street in Eureka. Come see us in our new location at 2662 Harris Street in Eureka!

Team HHH on our last day at the office on 4th Street in Eureka. Come see us in our new location at 2662 Harris Street in Eureka!


HHH congratulates our newest Cal Poly Humboldt Graduates! (L) Hannah Shapiro earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and (R) Cshefla Lopez-Guerrero earned his BA in Business Administration with an Accounting Concentration.


HHH team members support the Arcata High Tigers baseball program with a day of golf at Baywood Golf and Country Club.  


Ed Weaver celebrates 5 years with HHH in January 2022! (Pictured L to R: Tom Souza, Edward Weaver, Ashliegh Diehl and Scott Hunt)



HHH loves being helping those in our community.  We partnered with the Northern California Blood Bank on February 2, 2022 to donate blood. 


2021 Summer Fun Day at the Sequoia Park & Zoo

2 employees celebrated 15-years with HHH in August 2021:  Jennifer Hillegeist, CPA (L) and Susan Moranda, EA (pictured R in center) with partners, Scott Hunt and Ashliegh Diehl

2 HHH celebrated 10-years with HHH in August 2021:  Ashliegh Diehl, Partner (L) with Scott Hunt and Tenaya Banko, Bookkeeper (pictured R center) with partners, Scott Hunt and Ashliegh


Jason Caria, receives official CPA license from the CA Board of Accountancy.

The team of Hunter, Hunter and Hunt and our 2020 Team Kick Off.


 The HHH team, along with friends and family, gets fierce after a night of throwing axes!        



Jason Caria (center with flowers) is congratulated by some of the Hunter, Hunter & Hunt team members on passing his CPA exam.   


Hunter, Hunter & Hunt donates to the 2019 Humboldt Bay Firefighters’ Toy Drive   Photo: Director of Operations, Kris Marquez, with Humboldt Bay Fire Department volunteer.  


Ashliegh Diehl, Edward Weaver and Jason Caria (in photo) participated in the Humboldt State University Accounting & Finance Career Night in October 2019. This event gives employers the opportunity to network with HSU business students and to promote current or future employment opportunities, as well as serve the important role of a mentor to HSU students.

Jason Caria (pictured), Edward Weaver, Thomas Souza and Scott Hunt participated in the Humboldt State University Job Fair in August 2019.

Ashliegh A. Diehl is congratulated by Donna Taylor and Scott Hunt after earning her CPA license

Ashliegh A. Diehl, CPA, EA has completed all the requirements to become a CPA and has been granted permission by the state of California to practice public accounting. Ashliegh joined the firm in 2011 and was named Principal in August 2018. According to Managing Partner Scott Hunt, “Ashliegh brings over ten years of public accounting and audit experience serving a variety of clients and industries and has consistently demonstrated a high commitment to client service and technical excellence. We congratulate Ashliegh upon the completion of this important career achievement”. 

Jason Caria (far right) serves on the Board of Directors of the Humboldt Bay Trail Fund.

When complete, this 13-mile section of the California Coastal Trail will run from south Eureka to Arcata along the bay, connecting our two largest population centers with a paved, multimodal path. It will serve as an anchor for a network of adjacent trails, including the Hammond Trail and trails yet-to-be-built. 

The HHH Team gathered on the F Street Pier during the 2018 Annual Summer Outing.

Managing Partner Scott Hunt (third from left) participated in the Innovate Business Career Panel event held at Eureka High School in November 2018. The program is designed to engage youth with future career options and learn about real world business experiences while they are in high school. (photo used by permission).

Diane Lonn celebrated her Fifth Anniversary in December 2018

Roberta Duggan celebrated her Fifth Anniversary in September 2018

Jeff Trump, CPA, celebrated his Fifth Anniversary in January 2019

Melissa Ward celebrated her Thirtieth Anniversary with Hunter, Hunter & Hunt in July 2018

Thomas Souza, Accounting Associate, passed the CPA examinations in June 2018.  Congratulations to Tom on his professional achievement! 

The Hunter, Hunter & Hunt Team: 
Back Row:  Suzy Gaxiola, Kristi Skelton, Eileen Sacra Capaccio, Jeff Wissman, Jeff Trump, Jason Caria, Edward Weaver, Tom Souza, Jennifer Hillegeist and Ashliegh Diehl. 

Front Row: Roberta Duggan, Melissa Ward, Susan Moranda, Tenaya Banko, Scott Hunt, Donna Taylor, John Hunter, Rebecca Lewis and Diane Lonn.

The Hunter, Hunter & Hunt team gathered on Jan. 4, 2018 for their Annual Kickoff meeting. Pictured in Back Row: Jeff Trump, Eileen Sacra Capaccio, Edward Weaver, Jennifer Hillegeist, Jason Caria, Donna Taylor, Jim Hunter, Liz Sandstrom, Melissa Ward, Suzy Gaxiola, Jeff Wissman and John Hunter. Front Row: Felicia Goodman, Kellee Johnson, Scott Hunt, Roberta Duggan, Diane Lonn, Tenaya Banko, Susan Moranda and Ashliegh Diehl.

Hunter, Hunter, & Hunt, LLP has donated $2,500 to the St. Joseph Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, which will provide financial support for the planned family medicine residency program sponsored by St. Joseph Health, Humboldt County and its partner, Open Door Community Health Clinics. Click here to find out more.

Artists Melissa Ward & Tenaya Banko (pictured) at the 2017 Pastels on the Plaza
Fundraiser for Northcoast Children’s Services. Proceeds from this event help fund Preschool and Family Services that extend to over 1,000 children and families in Humboldt and
Del Norte Counties annually.

Susan Moranda, EA, was honored at her 10th anniversary with the firm at a luncheon in January 2016.

Edward Weaver, Jason Caria and Felicia Goodman picking up trash in our neighborhood during one of their daily Wellness Walks.

Team members enjoy paddling on Humboldt Bay during the 2016 Annual Summer Outing.

Felicia Goodman presents a donation to Betty Chinn of Betty Kwan Chinn Outreach Center.
Betty offered a presentation of her community service work to the team at Hunter, Hunter & Hunt.

Captain John Goodman, Humboldt Bay Fire Department, offers CPR certification training session to Hunter, Hunter & Hunt team members in October 2017.

HHH team members at Friends of the Dunes 2016 Sand Sculpture Festival with the MerPig.
The annual Friends of the Dunes event, now in its third decade, supports the nonprofit’s education and conservation programs.

Scott Hunt presents donation to Patrick Cleary of Humboldt Area Foundation for Union Labor Health Foundation’s Angel Fund.

HHH donates to the Humboldt Bay Firefighters Toy Drive
Felicia Goodman with Captain John Goodman of Humboldt Bay Fire Department.

Jason Caria (center with flowers) is congratulated by some of the Hunter, Hunter & Hunt team members on passing his CPA exam.